Hello, it’s me.

Hello! And welcome to my first blog post. First off, it is genuinely great to have you here! You may already know from this site that I am Sarah. Or if you haven’t, please feel free to have a browse and tell me what you think, I’d love to hear from you! I am a Freelance Web Designer from Derby and I create fully bespoke websites for small to medium sized business throughout Derby and the rest of the UK.

With my new blog, I’ll endeavour to share useful info and tips I have learnt along the way, with the aim of helping your organisation with your online presence and digital marketing. I’ll also keep you updated with news from myself and the latest news from the industry. If you enjoy my ramblings, you can sign up to my newsletter and be lucky enough to receive my blog posts straight into your inbox!

If you have a topic you’d be interested in reading about or just want to have a chat about anything ‘web designy’ then please feel free to get in touch!